You can find data files on our FTP site

We would like to remind users that our FTP site provides access to various data files.  WormBase has recently improved the organization of it’s FTP site so that users can easily browse and find different data files. We have made nearly every file directly accessible without needing to know what the current version of WormBase is. For example, the following link will always point to the most current release of WormBase:

You can also access files related to different genomes for a given release, for example you can go to the C. elegans or C. briggsae specific directories.

Genomes in WormBase

In addition to C. elegans, WormBase provides several resources for viewing and obtaining genome information for different worm species. WormBase classifies genomes in various tiers depending on the amount of curation effort it is able to spend on maintaining them.  For a description of the various genomes either in, or coming to WormBase, their current status and the resources available for each, please visit