Improving the C.elegans genome

We have been working on marking possible genome sequence errors in the C.elegans reference genome using data from the following projects:

– Weber KP et al. (2010) PLoS One “Whole genome sequencing highlights genetic changes associated with laboratory ….” (PMID 21085631)

– Doitsidou M et al. (2010) PLoS One “C. elegans mutant identification with a one-step whole-genome-sequencing and ….” (PMID 21079745)

– McGrath PT et al. (2011) Nature “Parallel evolution of domesticated Caenorhabditis species targets pheromone ….” (PMID 21849976)

This data has been used to mark regions for improvement (also available as GFF3 features), taking the total of these locations in the C. elegans database to 2,428.

We will address some of them in the next WormBase release WS234.

Update: the genome changes were deferred from WS234 to WS235