Register for the 2022 European Worm Meeting

Dear friends and colleagues,

The European Worm Meeting will once again take place in person this summer, July 27-30 2022 in Vienna. See our poster for our line-up of exciting invited speakers. To register and submit your abstract please visit the meeting website:

Our deadlines are as follows:
Meeting registration: 31 May
Abstract submission: 1 June (for consideration for a talk)/ 1 July (poster only)

Please note that this meeting will follow on directly from CeNeuro 2022 at the same venue. 

We hope to see many of you there, so please spread the news to anyone who might be interested.

Many thanks & best wishes,

The EWM2022 organizing team:
Alex Dammermann
Mario de Bono
Verena Jantsch

New release of the Alliance of Genome Resources

Check out the latest release (5.1.0) of the Alliance of Genome Resources for your favorite worm gene and get great comparative data across the major model organisms. A notable addition to this Alliance release are the member pages which link to organism or GO related data within the Alliance and to the model organism database or the GO Consortium. These pages can be accessed from the “Members” menu at the top of Alliance web pages. See the complete release notes for the 5.1.0 release.

3D structures for all proteins

AlphaFold is an AI system, created in partnership between DeepMind and the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), that makes predictions of a protein’s structure from its amino-acid sequence. Go to their webpage to look at your favourite protein from C. elegans, Brugia, Onchocerca, Strongyloides, Trichuris or Wuchereria. If your favourite protein is missing, remember that any protein with >90% amino acid similarity is quite likely to have a very similar structure. And if you spot any structure that does not look right contact, and we’ll forward your feedback.

Update on CeNeuro2022

Dear Participants of CeNeuro 2022,

We look forward to a rich and stimulating meeting this summer! To remind everyone, the date is set for July 24-27, 2022.

As uncertainty around the world continues, we cannot make a decision on the format at the moment. We desperately hope to be able to organize a hybrid meeting and welcome as many people as possible in person, in Vienna. However, we will re-evaluate this decision in mid/end of March and and if a hybrid meeting is not possible, we will still hold an online only meeting.

Regardless of the final format, please note that the deadline for abstract submission will be at the end of April. Thank you for your patience and understanding of the challenges associated with organizing such events at the moment.

We wish you a wonderful 2022,

The CeNeuro2022 organizers – Henrik Bringmann, Luisa Cochella, Alexander Gottschalk, Manuel Zimmer.

Two new genes in C. elegans!

After more than 20 years of careful manual curation of C. elegans, it is quite unusual to find new protein-coding genes. But in release WS283 we have no less than 2 new genes! We were alerted to the first one by Dr. Adam Norris from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA. Working with WormBase curators, we were able to comprehensively annotate the new gene. As finding a new gene is such a remarkable event, Dr. Norris opted for writing a micropublication describing the new gene WBGene00306123 (Y97E10C.2). Iyengar, A; Diamantakis, S; Norris, A (2021), “A new gene on C. elegans chromosome V

Buoyed by the first discovery, WormBase curators looked through our curation records and found a second new gene to annotate: WBGene00306124 (W04B5.9). Both of these new genes are in release WS283, and we look forward to learning even more about the biology of these new genes.

If you happen to spot what you think is a new gene – please email to let our curators know about it!