Two new chapters in WormBook, GENETICS

Check out these new chapters in WormBook, GENETICS: “Mechanisms of sex determination and X-chromosome dosage compensation” by Barbara Meyer and “Germ granules and gene regulation in the Caenorhabditis elegans germline” by Carolyn Phillips and Dustin Updike.

New operons in C. briggsae

Kindly, Dr. Itai Antoine Toker made us aware of the paper Uyar et al. Genome Research 2012 (PMID: 22772596/ WBPaper00041271), which contains a genome-wide set of operon predictions for C. briggsae. The data was mapped forward to the current gene set using the Sequence IDs supplied. 1034 operons were captured from the publication, but because of the time between publication and extensive re-annotation of C. briggsae only 709 of these operons had enough information to allow us to map them precisely onto the genome and supplement the C. briggsae operon JBrowse track. If you find some interesting dataset you’d like WormBase to curate, please let us know at