CRISPR workshop at the 2015 C.elegans meeting

CRISPR-based Strategies for Genome Engineering
Announcing the “CRISPR revolution” workshop to be held during the final plenary session of the 2015 International C. elegans Meeting,
June 28th, 10:30am – 12:00pm, Royce Hall Auditorium
Organizers: Mike Boxem, Daniel Dickinson, Alexandre Paix

CRISPR is a rapidly evolving technology that is quickly becoming an essential tool for every C. elegans lab. We would like to bring together representatives of the various groups that are developing CRISPR-based approaches for C. elegans to discuss current strategies for genome modifications. Specific topics to be discussed will include screening strategies, improving efficiency, target site selection, and guidelines for making different kinds of modifications. The workshop will conclude with an overview by Geraldine Seydoux of the status of CRISPR-based methods in C. elegans, based on previous reports and current methods presented in the workshop or elsewhere at the meeting.

For members of the community who are actively developing CRISPR methods, the workshop will serve as an opportunity to compare notes, share ideas, and stay current on the efforts of others. For those who are “end users” of these methods, it will be an opportunity to learn the latest approaches, obtain protocols, ask questions and seek advice.

Researchers who actively develop CRISPR-based approaches or are making technical improvements are invited to share their results and experiences. If you would like to speak at this workshop, please submit your abstract under the category “V, Gene Regulation and Genomics, Novel Genetic Technologies” to the 2015 C. elegans Meeting.

If you have questions about this workshop, contact Mike Boxem.

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