New WormBoard Representatives and Election Cycle

With thanks to Oliver Hobert, Judy Yanowitz, Brent Derry, and Barbara Conradt who generated a new proposal, and to the members of Wormboard who discussed and approved it, we propose changes to the Board (docx) as indicated here. These changes are now captured in the updated Wormboard Charter that includes a list of the responsibilities of WormBoard for serving the community.

The new board format allows for additional representation. A call for nominations will be sent out in the usual ways (LabHeads list, WormBase news/blog, social media).

In addition to these changes, WormBoard discussed the possibility of additional advisory groups made up of both C. elegans and non-C. elegans community members that could advise the board on  issues of relevance to particular career stages, diversity concerns, etc. Additional input on these ideas is welcome. Please email comments to me directly with “wormboard” in the subject line.

Many thanks,

(acting president of WormBoard)

PS: you can always find the latest WormBoard info on the WormBoard Home Page, in the WormBase News section, links from the WormBase Community tab, by following WormBase on Twitter, or simply by searching the web for “wormboard elegans”.

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