Sanger Institute WormBase Project Manager position

The successful applicant will be responsible for managing a group of four computer biologists involved in database production and annotation. Additionally, the team undertake a wide range of tasks including detailed curation, genome wide data analysis and automatic annotation pipelines.
For further detail see the Sanger Institute Vacancies page. Informally inquiries can be directed to Anthony Rogers (

modENCODE position at OICR in Toronto

The Stein Lab at the
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research is recruiting a software engineer and a data curator in support of the modENCODE Data Coordinating Center. The ideal candidate for the developer position will be Bachelors or Masters-level biologist
or computer scientist with significant experience in biological databases and production-quality
software development.  The data curator should have a Masters degree or Ph.D. in a the
life sciences, experience with high volume functional genomics data, common bioinformatics
tools, and some programming. A background in C. elegans or D. melanogaster biology or genetics would be a plus.  These positions are based in Toronto, Canada.  Please contact
Lincoln Stein <>
for more information.