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Important Dates for the 22nd International C. elegans Conference

The abstract submission deadline for the 22nd International C. elegans Conference is March 28th!

The conference will be held June 20-24, 2019 at UCLA.

For more information visit the conference website.

Abstract Submission
Deadline: March 28
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Discounted early registration: April 30
Discounted advance registration: May 1 – June 17
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Housing Reservations
Deadline: May 15
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Sir John Sulston

We mourn the passing of one of the founders of our field. John Sulston was personally responsible for establishing the use of C. elegans to study development – with his stunning determination of the entire embryonic cell lineage by direct observation – as well as obtaining a complete genome sequence. He was a mentor and role model for many of us in the field who had the opportunity to work with him or know him personally, and an inspiration for many others who only knew him through papers and oral history. He demonstrated that comprehensive and careful description can lead to fundamental, mechanistic insights into biology and genomes. John also exemplified being collegial, community-minded, intellectually rigorous, scientifically intense and personally friendly.