Use Textpresso for all your literature searching needs.

Are you writing a paper, review or research proposal? Or just need to search the ever-growing literature for information about a gene, allele or a cell? Searching the literature manually for information can be a daunting task.  Textpresso (see links below) is an extremely useful tool to use for both information retrieval and extraction. Using Textpresso, you can perform searches using either keywords or categories (one or more) or both.   Searches using gene names are powerful because Textpresso has the capability to search for synonyms of a given gene, as some gene names have changed with time, in publications as well as in the WormBase database.  Advanced search options allow you to choose the section of a paper that you would like Textpresso to search in, for example, you can select ‘results’ and/or  ‘discussion’.  You can set the search scope to be a sentence or the entire document.  You can sort the results using specified filters like ‘journal’, ‘year’, etc.  The ‘Article Exclusions’ section allows you to exclude meeting abstracts and paper supplementals. Textpresso has also been implemented on the literature of other model organisms like the fly, yeast, rat, mouse, zebrafish and the literature of other biological domains. Textpresso also powers the literature search function in WormBase.

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Textpresso for C. elegans:

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