WormBase and the "Heartbleed" security issue

Recently, a serious security gap was identified in the software that provides the “secure” component of many websites. Called “Heartbleed“, this issue could possibly affect upwards of 2/3 of websites. Exploits of this issue leave no trace making it particularly vicious.

The WormBase website was also affected.

We have applied recommended security patches and are no longer vulnerable to this issue. We strongly encourage all registered users of WormBase to change their passwords.

Read more about Heartbleed on the NY Times or the original report documenting the issue.


  1. Jonathan says

    Hello Todd,

    Could you please remind users how to do this? In “My Wormbase”, I only see:
    My Favourites
    My Library
    My Profile
    My History

    And in none of these is there a password reset.



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