Introductory chapter added to WormBook

Dear WormBook reader,

We are very happy to announce that A Transparent Window into Biology: A Primer on Caenorhabditis elegans, by Ann Corsi, Bruce Wightman, and Marty Chalfie, has just been added to WormBook as a co-publication with GENETICS. This concise and comprehensive review, which serves as an introductory chapter to WormBook, discusses the basic biology, genetics, anatomy, genomics, ecology, and evolution of C. elegans. Key discoveries resulting from research using this organism are described, as is the strong collaborative nature of the worm community. We expect this introduction to provide an invaluable resource for students and others new to C. elegans research and literature.

We thank Tracey DePellegrin, Ruth Isaacson, and Elizabeth De Stasio of GENETICS for their dedication to this collaboration, as well as Editor-in-Chief Mark Johnston for his support of the project.

Please proceed to read this new chapter and others on nematode biology at If you have any comments or suggestions, please submit them via the Feedback page on


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