New JBrowse 2 release

We decided to release an updated JBrowse 2 after feedback from users at the International Worm Meeting. There are several new items in this release:

  • There is now a Help menu item specifically for WormBase users.
  • The CRISPR related tracks have been ported over from JBrowse 1.
  • The CeNDR track has been returned to functioning.
  • The details panel for genes now has a link to that gene at the Alliance of Genome Resources

Of course, if you experience any issues with JBrowse 2 or any other part of WormBase, please let us know.

JBrowse 2: Sharing views

Sharing views in JBrowse 2 is not as easy as it is in JBrowse 1, but there is also more power in the ability to share views and data. In JBrowse 1, the entire state of the “core” view is always encoded in the URL: if you copy the URL from the browser’s location bar and send it to someone, they will get the same view as the original user. This has several limits though: if the user has loaded local data, no information about it would get into the URL. The same is true if the user has created a sequence search track: that information is not encoded in the URL.

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Bring your questions, comments and suggestions to WormBase staff at IWM 2023!

WormBase is excited and looking forward to being in Glasgow for IWM 2023! We have many activities scheduled including a plenary talk in the evening on June 24th, the WormBase workshop in the afternoon of June 25th which will present and discuss data and tools in WormBase and the Alliance of Genome Resources, and the WormBase and microPublication booth that will be open from June 25th to June 27th. Come visit us with your questions, comments and suggestions at any of these occassions, we’d be happy to talk to you!

Three more days to contribute to WB community curation to WIN PRIZES at the IWM in Glasgow!

You have 3 more days to make it to the top 10! Submit your data now, the deadline for submission is June 10th, 2023. The top submitter (Paul Sternberg, excluded!) will win a voucher for a microPublication ($250 value!). Additional prizes will be awarded at the WormBase booth. Access the submission forms here.