WormBase ParaSite release 2: more genomes and new data-mining tool

We are pleased to announce the second release of WormBase ParaSite, the home for parasitic worm draft genomes and genomic data in WormBase.

This release includes eight new annotated genomes, taking the total number of nematode and flatworm genomes in WormBase ParaSite to 97, representing 89 species. The new genomes include:

Fasciola hepatica (PRJEB6687)
Opisthorchis viverrini (PRJNA222628)
Pristionchus exspectatus (PRJEB6009)
* Five Steinernema genomes, including Steinernema carpocapsae (PRJNA202318)

    This release also includes a new data-mining tool, the WormBase ParaSite BioMart. The interface and underlying software for this are based on the Ensembl BioMart, the main difference being that WormBase ParaSite BioMart collects data for all species into a single underlying database. This means that a single query can be used to filter and report data from multiple species at once, for example all species of a given taxonomic clade.

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