Announcement of WormBook in GENETICS

From: Iva Greenwald, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Columbia University.

As Marty Chalfie announced in his WBG article, I have succeeded him as Editor-in-Chief of WormBook. I want to express my gratitude to everyone that Marty mentioned in his article who made WormBook possible and I want to add, on behalf of the entire worm community, our thanks to Marty for his vision and leadership in making WormBook an invaluable resource for all of us.

My first task as Editor-in-Chief designate was to follow up on Marty’s initiative to partner with the Genetics Society of America to publish new content for WormBook in GENETICS.

I am pleased to announce that this partnership has now been established. GENETICS will publish about 50 new reviews spanning the breadth of C. elegans research over the course of about four years.  The chapters will be comprehensive summaries that will introduce novices to the key tenets and methodologies of the field and also serve as authoritative references for experts. The GENETICS content will complement and extend existing WormBook chapters that will be kept available at Caltech via WormBase.

I want to thank Paul Sternberg and Oliver Hobert for many contributions to the discussions with GENETICS and for continuing to serve in an advisory capacity as we proceed. I also want to thank Marty for initiating the relationship and for sharing his unique perspective on going forward.

Because of reductions in funds to WormBase, additional new chapters or “updates” will not be solicited for the Caltech site, although over the course of the next year you will see several new/updated chapters published there that had been previously commissioned.  I am indebted to Jane Mendel, the current Section Editors, and the production team at Caltech for continuing to oversee these ongoing chapters to completion.

I am especially grateful to the many colleagues who advised in the planning of WormBook in GENETICS or are serving as Section Editors to make it happen.  We look forward to the contributions of many more colleagues as authors and reviewers, and trust that together, we will all ensure that this project both represents and serves the needs of our entire community.

Here is the masthead.

Editor-inChief:  Iva Greenwald

Advisory Board:  Monica Driscoll, Pierre Gonczy, Oliver Hobert, Tim Schedl, Paul Sternberg.

Sections and Section Editors:

1. Gene and Genome Regulatory Mechanisms: John Kim and Susan Strome

2. Cell Fate, Signaling and Development: Meera Sundaram and Geraldine Seydoux

3. Metabolism, Physiology and Aging: Monica Driscoll and Adam Antebi

4. Cell and Organelle Biology: Michel Labouesse and Barth Grant

5. Neurobiology and Behavior: Piali Sengupta and Yuichi Iino

6. Evolution and Ecology: Marie-Anne Felix and Asher Cutter

7. WormMethods:  Oliver Hobert and Hannes Bülow

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