WormBase Parasite launches new release

WormBase ParaSite launches its new release 17 with an exciting list of new/updated genomes and new features:

  • Integration of AlphaFold 3D protein structures for 8 species.
  • Addition of 11 new genome assemblies of which 6 are new species.
  • Annotation updates for 2 genomes.
  • Gene-phenotype associations are now available in our FTP directory.
  • Improvements in the way external gene synonyms are integrated and displayed.
  • Deployment of WebApollo instances for more species to further facilitate community curation.

For more information please see the WormBase ParaSite blog.

Alliance of Genome Resources new version released

Worm folks-check out the latest release of the Alliance of Genome Resources (Version 5.2.1) to access harmonized data across all the major model organisms. Lately, the Alliance has had an orthology data refresh and is using the latest version of the DRSC Integrative Ortholog Prediction Tool (DIOPT): Version 9. This version includes a data refresh from all orthology sources, the addition of the SonicParanoid algorithm, and the removal of both TreeFam and RoundUp data sources. For complete updates be sure to look at the Alliance News and Release Notes.

Reminder: One-day symposium celebrating Don Moerman’s career and retirement, tomorrow May 20

To the International Worm Community –

We are pleased to announce that we will hold a one-day symposium on May 20th, 2022, 8:50 am-5:40 pm (PDT), celebrating Dr. Don Moerman’s retirement. 

Don has made an enormous contribution to the C. elegans research community by leading a knock-out consortium, Million Mutation Project, among other things.

We have a spectacular list of invited speakers who have a long-term scientific relationship with Don. 

The symposium is a hybrid event held at the Life Sciences Institute, University of British Columbia. 

Please join us online via the following live streaming link.

We will take Q&A from the live-streaming audience using Slido.com. A code will be announced at the event.

(Please be reminded that we may not be able to take questions from Slido due to time constraints.)

We are looking forward to seeing you all!


Kota Mizumoto and Kenji Sugioka
Life Sciences Institute, University of British Columbia