Looking for naming conventions and guidelines?

If you have started a new worm lab or are looking for nomenclature guidelines for genes, alleles and other genetic entities, please consult this page of our online user guide–https://wormbase.org/about/userguide/nomenclature#f1il048b3g6e2597cmdjkh–10

Different types of properly named entities (genes, alleles, strains, trangenes, etc.) in published papers are identified by text-mining and other WormBase tools and/or via manual curation. Following official nomenclature guidelines makes your data discoverable by WormBase and thus to the whole community!

Registering Lab, Strain and Allele designations

If you would like to register a new lab and/or receive strain and allele designations please consult the WormBase documentation page here.  This page also describes the nomenclature that WormBase requires and uses to describe genes, alleles, strains, gene knockouts, modifiers (suppressors, revertants and enhancers), and chromosomal aberrations (duplications, deficiencies, inversions and translocations) .

A Streamlined System for Species Diagnosis in Caenorhabditis

We would like to congratulate Marie-Anne Felix, Asher Cutter and Christian Braendle on their publication in PLoS One, which describes new name designations for 15 new nematode species.

Of special interest to WormBase users:

  • C.sp 7 will become Caenorhabditis afra
  • C.sp 11 will become Caenorhabditis tropicalis