WormBase is updated to WS260

The 260th version of WormBase has been released!  The release notes that are published with each new release gives you various statistics about the data in the current release as well as providing a quick peak at the breath and depth of the data in WormBase.  It also lists all the data files available for download at our FTP site.  Check all of these out and let us know if you have any suggestions or questions!

Staying up-to-date with new features and data at WormBase

WormBase offers a number of ways to stay up-to-date with new features and datasets. Here are a few.

1. The WormBase Blog

Right here — we’ll post everything on the blog. Entries of general interest will also cross-post to the main WormBase site. You can also subscribe to receive notice of all new posts to the blog by email.

2. Twitter

WormBase is on Twitter, at, erm, @wormbase. On Twitter we post news items, service status updates, answer queries, and occasionally live blog meetings.

3. The announce@wormbase.org email list

If you prefer email, subscribe to the very low traffic WormBase Announce Mailing list. Here, we post notifications of new release and announcements of general interest to the community.

Publish summer student’s results quickly and easily in Micropublication:Biology!

Are your summer student’s projects coming to an end? Did they obtain a solid research finding that does not fit into a larger narrative context? Micropublish their results in Micropublication:biology. Give the students citable credit for their work. Give mentors credit for their effort.

Need additional information? Contact us at micropublications@wormbase.org, we will guide you through the process. It’s fast and easy.

Type of Micropublications include: New finding – including new reagents; Negative result; Replication – successful; Replication – unsuccessful; Commodity validation.

WormBase release information

WormBase follows a two month release cycle.  Bug fixes, tool improvements, curation of additional data, corrections to data, testing of the website, all happen prior to a new release of WormBase.  For every new release, new data from manual curation and from automated pipelines are added.  The version or release number is displayed on the WormBase home page at the top, for eg., WS259 is the current release of WormBase.  If you are looking at data sets periodically, please note the version/release you are looking at, because data may have changed between releases.  A list of all the data and numbers are available in the release notes for WS259.  Release notes are available on the Release Schedule page (link available in the footer navigation or from the home page from the top menu bar, About–>What’s New–>Release Schedule–>.) Click on the release number in the Release History table.